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Pneumatic Palm Nailer Mini MSN120
Pneumatic Palm Nailer Mini MSN120
Pneumatic Palm Nailer Mini MSN120
Pneumatic Palm Nailer Mini MSN120

Pneumatic Palm Nailer Mini MSN120

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Pneumatic Palm Nailer Mini MSN120




  Light die cast body of aluminum alloy

  Use bulk nails

  Flexible in driving nails at corners 



Tool Diamensions:103x62x105mm (4.05x3.44x4.13 in.)
Net Tool Weight:0.52kgs (1.14lbs)
Operate Pressure:4~7.0Kg/cm (60~100Psi)
Load Capacity:1PCS Nail
Nail Cap Size:Up to 11.50mm(0.452")
Nail Type :1PCS Bulk Nail



1. 100000 working times

2. CE and ISO9001 international certificate

3. 100% Spare parts can be supplied to you.

4. Very powerful for wood








No.  SymptomProblemsSolutions
1.1Air Leak Air leak in the cylinder cap when tools don't work 1.Loose head valve piston seal or o-rings .Check and replace the head valve piston set
2.Worn or damaged o-ring or cylinder cap gasket under cylinder cap Check and replace o-ring or cylinder cap gasket under the cylinder cap
1.2Air leak in Trigger area  when tools don't work1.Damaged o-ring in trigger valve Check and replace  o-ring
2.Damaged o-ring in trigger valve stem Check and replace o-ring
3.Dirt in the trigger valveCheck and clean the trigger valve
1.3Air leak in cylinder cap when tools are working 1.Damaged head valve piston o-ringsCheck and replace  o-rings
2.Damaged seal under cylinder cap Check and replace seal
1.4Air leak in nose when tools are working 1.Worn or damaged bumperCheck and replace bumper
2.Loose driver(piston unit) threadCheck and replace driver(piston unit) 
1.5Air leak in Trigger area when tools are working1.Worn or damaged trigger valve headCheck and replace trigger valve head
2.Damaged head valve piston o-ringsCheck and replace head valve piston o-rings
2Failed to get driver(piston unit) back to the correct position completely.1.The driver(piston unit) is not straight or the driver guide(nose) is wrong assembled.Straighten the driver(piston unit)  or verify driver guide(nose) and magazine  
2.Worn or damaged nozzle  Check and replace nozzle 
3.The space between piston o-ring and  cylinder is too tight.Check if the cylinder is adequate lubrication or replace the o-ring on the piston.
3Work weakly and sluggishly1. Worn or damaged  piston o-ring Check and replace piston o-ring 
2.Inadequate lubrication for head valve piston o-rings or too tight head valve piston o-rings  Place 2 or 6 drops of oil on o-rings or replace  head valve piston o-rings
3.Dirt in the nozzleCheck and clean the nozzle
4Tool jams frequently1.Damaged or Worn driver (piston unit)Check and replace driver (piston unit)
2.Damaged or Worn driver guide (nose)Check and replace  driver guide (nose)
3.Driver guide cover is bent,so the space between driver guide cover and driver guide is too bigCheck and replace driver guide cover 
5Nail can not be shot1. Driver (piston unit) can't return to the correct position.Refer to no. 1  Symptom
2.Driver guide(nose) can not match magazine wellCheck and correct the position between driver guide(nose) and magazine 
3.Worn or damaged nail pusher compression spring Check and replace nail pusher compression spring 




  1) 30 Years Production Experience

     2)  100% QC Inspection before Shipment

     3) Engineer Team from Taiwan  

     4) Competitive Price

     5) Lifelong After-Sale Service

     6) Advanced Machines

     7) CE Certificate and ISO 9001:2008

     8) OEM Available

     9) Sample Available

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